Artist Profile: Emma Gale

Viva la Moda

I came across Emma Gale’s work the other day, on a blog I was reading (the blog was Honestly…WTF. Check it out here:

Now, I wouldn’t really consider myself an art person. Rarely do I see a piece of art and feel compelled to drop a pant-load of money, hang it up in my house and look at it every day. I find at times that I don’t quite “get” certain kinds of art and that makes me a bit turned off by it.

However, when I saw some of Emma’s work, I got really anxious and began frantically searching on Esty to see if I could find a print for sale –sadly to no avail.

I was very intrigued and wanted to learn more about her and her work. Her website puts it very plainly.  “She cuts, she draws, she paints, she glues” it declares. Emma derives her inspiration from everything around her. She is a self-proclaimed color junkie and a global roamer. Oh, and she also loves Frida Kahlo.

The textures, colors and patterns that Emma discovered on her travels are evident in her work –be that a Moroccan tile, a tribal jewel from Pakistan or African trade beads. The charcoal base used provides a beautiful foundation for all of the cut and paste texture happening. And wow, Frida has never looked so good.

As you can probably gather from the above, I am a fan. Take a little look-see for yourself and let me know what you think!

Turkish delight



My dress for Gustave


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