Alright, Ms. Cyrus. Time to cool it.

I must partake in the discussion in some capacity. Please find my pretend letter to Miley Cyrus, because I feel like I must say something. Her behavior is just horrendous and needs to stop.


Dear Miley,

What on Earth is happening to you? I am coming to you as, let’s say, a concerned older sister who gets the whole lashing out, “finding oneself” angst that rears its ugly head around your age, but honestly, last night’s VMAs performance was the last straw.

Girl, you have fans that are CHILDREN. Adolescents. They don’t need to be hearing your songs about doing drugs, watching you gyrate on giant teddy bears and bend over at the waist, twerking until the cows come home. That’s confusing and misleading for them. And that only breeds more selfies, fake tans and over-sexualized youth. And, let me tell you, we do not want to go down that road with the young generation. We have enough issues as it is.

I get it. People are talking about you, across all channels of social media, but is what they’re saying about you really what you want to hear? I bet that choker wearing, highlighted haired father of yours wants to see a little more from you than just how far you can stick your tongue out of your mouth. I know I do.

So please, do your young fans (and really, all of us) a favor and be more of a postiive role model. You are in a position to influence a lot of young people, and the way you’re going about it is just wrong and embarrassing. Use your fame for something good, instead of violating a foam finger and resembling a Bratz doll. You can do it, I know you can.




Here are a few links to people who feel the same way I do…and some of these are just funny. Enjoy.

The Man Repeller-




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