Roadtrip: ‘mericuh

A few weeks ago, I packed up my CR-V with three years of belongings from Los Angeles and, with my mom, drove across the country, back to Chicago. We drove from Los Angeles to Flagstaff, Arizona (six hours), then to Amarillo, Texas (nine hours hours) , then to Rolla, Missouri (eight hours) to visit my brother at school. Then, Sunday afternoon, we drove the remaining seven hours back to Chicago. 

It was such an interesting trip, doing a cross-section of the US. The landscapes were breathtaking, driving through New Mexico we felt like we were on a different planet. We tried to stop at local places to eat and wanted to see the sights, but unfortunately didn’t have enough time. 

Here are some photos we took –enjoy!



A continental breakfast in Flagstaff, AZ.





They’re pretty welcoming here in Flagstaff.





On the open road! Making our way through Arizona.






Beautiful rock formations in Arizona.










The Continental Divide in New Mexico. Water drains to the Pacific Ocean to the left of this point, and to the Atlantic to the right.








On the road again!




Relaxing in the car, driving through Texas.




Breakfast at a diner in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.




Breakfast at Waffle House in Rolla, Missouri.




Me and my brother on campus in Rolla.




Homemade signs by my cousins.

The perfect ending to this long trip was coming home to my family waiting to welcome me back. So happy to be here in Chicago and starting a new chapter in my hometown! 


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