New find: FashionABLE


The other night my most favorite late night host, Jimmy Fallon, had guest Minka Kelly on his show. She spoke about an organization she is a part of called, FashionABLE. Its an organization that works with women in a few African countries to help them establish an income and steady work, so they can in turn provide for themselves and their families.

I wanted to find out more, so I checked out the FashionABLE website. What really struck me was the idea that FashionABLE seeks to create long-term sustainable work for these women. They are going to the root of the problem and providing jobs for women so they can in turn provide food and healthcare for their families. Its a wonderful idea and the scarves and leather goods these women create are really beautiful. The handwritten tag, letting the purchaser know how they’ve helped, makes the piece all the more gorgeous. Three cheers for resolving poverty at its core!

Check out the website where you can learn more information as well as buy a scarf or wallet or whatever your little heart desires. Why not buy a sustainable, handmade gift for someone this Christmas? Give the gifts that keep on giving! 






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