…And we’re back!

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Whew. It has been a month. That’s for sure. I just wrapped on a movie I was working on, doing assistant costume design. The film is called ‘A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island’ and more info can be found here!: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3297382/?ref_=nv_sr_1

I’d never done anything like this before, considering my background is mostly in PR, so its safe to say I learned A LOT. A movie production is an electric place to be. At any given moment, there are so many moving parts that are working together to create this film. The man power, time and effort is takes to make a film is astounding.

Working with our amazing cast was also an experience in itself. Talk about talent. It was an incredible experience to be in the same room with some of these talented people, let alone get to work with them on a regular basis. Getting to know the crew was also very special, as this was a group of hard-working, professional people who I had the pleasure of meeting.

I am beyond anxious and excited to see the final project (October 2014!), and can’t wait to see what happens between now and then.


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