New Years Resolution #1: Cook.


This could be me, right?

So, as 2013 draws to a ridiculously speedy close, I figured I might as well begin making a list of my 2014 New Years resolutions. I really like to make lists and cross things off of them. Also, I feel like if I broadcast them for all of the interwebs to see, I may feel more inclined to complete them.

My first resolution is to learn how to really cook. As a woman of Italian descent, I’ve always felt that pull to cook for people. Though other things usually outweigh that pull (college, life as a modern woman, etc), I do have an interest in it. I did ask for a few cook books for Christmas and loved the movie Julie & Julia, so I feel like I’m off to a good start, right?


Julia Child and a giant fish #badass

In all seriousness, though, I feel like everyone (women AND men) should have some basic knowledge of cooking. I think it falls under that “life-skill” umbrella with things like: Microsoft Office proficiency, ability to do ones own laundry and having good manners. Being able to cook is just another way for someone to provide for their family (or themselves) and not eat a Lean Cuisine for dinner past age 19. Plus, my girlfriends are super into cooking and healthy eating, and that has been inspiring as well. If they can come back from days of Ramen noodles in college, so can I. Right? 

Here’s hoping! Giada give me strength! 



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