New Years Resolutions #2 and #3


A brief post for my two additional New Years resolutions….

Resolution #2- Finally finish my gosh darn book list. 


It was one of my goals to do this for 2013, however I just kept hearing about books that sounded interesting and adding them to the list. I did read a lot last year, but unfortunately books like Little Women are making things go a little slower than I planned. Some highlights on the list are: The Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls; The Power of Habit; Consider the Lobster and a book by Lawrence Wright on Hollywood and Scientology, which should be a very interesting read.

I loved to read when I was younger, it was my form of escape, and this re-up in my reading habits is definitely helping me do the same. Its nice to check out from an electronic device every once in a while and read a book.

Resolution #3- Run three 5ks and a half marathon.


Hey thanks, Ryan Gosling. I think I will.

For those of you reading this that know me, you know that I have not always been what you call a “runner”. Meaning, I really, really hated it. But recently, something snapped and now I really love it. Though I don’t receive the same therapeutic benefits as some of my running cohorts, it really does make me feel nice. I mean, it is exercise. Endorphins. You know.

So, my goal is to run the above races, with the half marathon being the piece de resistance. If I can actually run a half marathon this fall, I will really feel like I achieved something big. Here’s hoping!

Overall, the whole resolutions thing is going  pretty well, I’ve already finished Brighton Beach Memoirs, a play by Neil Simon. It’s about a young Jewish boy name Eugene, growing up in the 1940s. I thought of it almost like a more crass, boy version of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (one of my favorites, also on my book list).

Unfortunately, I can’t really run with 9 inches of snow on the ground and a -50 degree wind chill (though certain over-achieving residents of Chicago will disagree with me). But, I am confident that once this city if out of its arctic tundra phase, I will be able to get out there and start a-runnin’.

Here’s to a pleasant and frostbite-free Sunday!


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