Recently, I ventured to Pilsen with two of my girlfriends to do some vintage shopping and explore a new neighborhood. I’ve made it a personal goal since moving back from LA to get out and see more of what Chicago has to offer. It makes me happy to galavant around this city that I love so so much.


We stopped in two vintage shops, the first being Knee Deep. Carlos, the owner, was super friendly and helpful and I felt overwhelmed, in the best way possible, about how many treasures I found in his store. Not to mention the place had a fantastic track list playing in the background and was supremely organized. For the OCD tendencies in me, this was heaven on Earth. There’s nothing worse than a vintage store arranged like a Forever 21. Just too. Much. Happening.


I ended up snagging a gorgeous emerald green wool knee-length skirt; a loud, red, floral-print shirt dress with shoulder pads (though I’m debating whether or not to take them out…I kind of like the 80s silhouette the dress gives me); and a vertically-striped, brightly-colored silk top.


The next shop, Pilsen Vintage, had more of an antiques focus, though my friend Del did score an adorable summer dress that will be perfect for Lollapalooza.


And there were Caboodles. And creepy vintage mannequins.

IMG_6042    IMG_6038


We finished the evening with Nueva Leon, a delicious Mexican restaurant where they just bring you salsa on salsa on salsa and chicken soup for free.99. Though I didn’t need all this extra food because I ended up gorging myself on queso and carne asada tacos. #yumcity.

It was a wonderful excursion into a wonderfully authentic neighborhood of Chicago. I would like to go back when I have a little more time and visit the mural wall and the museums that Pilsen has to offer.

Now I’m left to wonder what neighborhood I should visit next….


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