Here’s a Quick Grammy’s Post….And Go!


Remember these iconic looks? What happened to stars taking fashion risks on the red carpet? The Grammy’s are certainly one of the only carpets on which to experiment, however in my humble opinion, every look was a little safe. Katy Perry’s Valentino dress was about as close as anyone got. In case you didn’t see it, It was a dress with music notes on it. At the Grammy’s. Revolutionary. Also, Pharrell wore a Smokey the bear-inspired, Vivienne Westwood hat.



Here are a few of the standouts from the red carpet:


Rita Ora in Lanvin. She looks like a glamorous beetle. Love her hair like that.


Chrissy Tieigen in Johanna Johnson. Loving this sexy, disco ball dress. Its exactly the kind of dress someone should wear to the Grammys, its super appropriate. And her hair is fly.


Iggy Azalea in Elie Saab. This look is a little pared down for her and I like it, she looks very soft and ethereal.


Queen Bey in Michael Costello. I mean, come on. LOVE HER SO MUCH.

That’s all I’ve got, team! Until the next red carpet!



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