Interesting things!


Hi there!

Wanted to share a few links and events that are inspiring me this week:

1. Windy City Blogger Collective Happy Hour event at Jimmy at The James Hotel from 6:30-8:30. Though I am not able to attend this fabulous event, I’m sure its going to be a blast. Cocktails are 25% off during Happy Hour –I can drink to that!

2. Society 6 is such a cool site, I could honestly get lost on there for hours. There are fun prints, cell phone cases, t-shirts, pillows and mugs to shop from. And the best part? Society6 features work from artists all over the world –when you purchase something from the site, you’re supporting small business! Love it!

3. Kit from the blog The Kittchen, is speaking at the Go Blog Social conference in Kansas City, MO in April. Its a two day blogging conference focused on the social media environment and developing tools to grow your business. She will be speaking on self-pulbishing and turning your blog into a brand. This conference promises to be super informational, I’m planning on attending!

4. These amazing treehouses, featured on HonestlyWTF (a favorite blog of mine), bring out the little kid in me. I always wanted a treehouse when I was little, but growing up in a newly developed neighborhood with 3 year old trees unfortunately did not allow that. So I used to build them myself out of refrigerator boxes taped together. Talk about DIY. It still got the job done, though. A treehouse to a little kid means a place where they can escape, and let’s be honest who wouldn’t want one of these awesome treehouses to escape to? I’m sure even big kids can agree. 

5. I love anything to do with Chicago Neighborhoods. Put a city map on a t-shirt and I am a happy camper. These prints from The Chicago Neighborhoods are made in Chicago and feature photographs of iconic places in each ‘hood. Bonus? They can put them on a t-shirt. Excellent. 


4 thoughts on “Interesting things!

  1. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow at The Jimmy! And I’m thrilled to see you’re going to Go Blog Social too. We’re really proud of Kit for getting the gig and can’t wait to round up all the Windy City Bloggers that attend! xoxo – eb

  2. Thanks so much for spreading the word about Go Blog Social! I am working on getting a group from Windy City Blogger Collective members to go together. We can all stay in the same hotel and do dinner while we are in KC.

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