Here’s Jimmy!…My ode to Jimmy Fallon.


Ok so for those of you that don’t know, I have a deep love and admiration for Jimmy Fallon. But not the kind where I want to date him. I just want him to tell me jokes and hang out with me and maybe let me babysit his kid. I haven’t missed an episode of his show in probably three years. I mean, I’m not crazy, I don’t watch it live, I TiVo it. But still. Superfan right here. I grew up watching him on SNL and once he got a talk show and I had nothing to watch on HULU in LA when I had no friends, you better believe I turned to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. I saw a taping of Late Night when I was in New York this past September and I cried a little when he came on stage. So yeah, its like that. 

Recently, Jimmy took over as host of The Tonight Show and it was a great first week. Will Smith, U2, Kristen Wiig dressed as Harry Styles, Bradley Cooper (schwing), Michelle Obama, Jerry Seinfeld and Jimmy’s BFF, Justin Timberlake were all guests last week. There were shenanigans and rap parodies galore, it was wonderful. 

I hope that if you’ve never seen the show before, these snippets from the show’s first week inspire you to watch. He really is a great host and I’m looking forward to watching him on The Tonight Show for a long time! 


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