Thanks, Mom! A Mother’s Day Flower Gift Guide

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Carnations. Tulips. Lily of the Valley. Hyacinths. Snapdragons. Jasmine. Ariel. Cinderella. Wait…

To the average flower-buyer, it can be a little daunting trying to pick out flowers for a “special someone”. To me, this stress is heightened when buying flowers for my mother. I mean, the woman gave me life, how am I ever going to repay her for that? Except be the the rock star child that I was and currently still am, but I digress.

I wanted to be a little more prepared this year when venturing out to buy flowers for Mommy Dearest. I thought I would attempt to help other children out there by doing some research on the history of certain flowers and what they mean.

I learned a real lot about flowers and am happy to offer up an alternative gift buying guide for Mother’s Day. Please feel free to use this handy knowledge and feel confident in your Mother’s Day Flower-buying abilities. Good luck and thanks mom!

Blue Hyacinth


Can be traced back to usage in Greek Mythology


Sweet Love

Blooms year round and can be grown in or outdoors.

Lily of the Valley

Humility and Devotion

Two things that moms have in excess: humility and devotion. Lily of the Valley is also the 2nd wedding anniversary flower.


Pink Carnations

A mother’s undying love


Carnations can be a bit, shall we say, basic? But according to the symbolism behind a pink carnation, specifically, it IS the Mother’s Day flower.



According to history, snapdragons grew as wildflowers in Spain and Italy. Legend has it that carrying a snapdragon can make a person appear fascinating and cordial. Guess I’m going to be carrying snapdragons all summer…


Warmth and Positivity


I just love sunflowers so so much. They really do make me feel warm and positive. I hope they do the same for you.

Tulip Bouquet-

Elegance and Grace


Yellow Tulips– Simple Joys

Tulips can convey many different things depending on their color. Moms are into the simple joys in life, mostly, so yellow tulips are great! Or just give her a big ol’ mess of tulips and send her all kinds of nice messages!


I also stopped by Southport Blooms to get some information on what Mother’s Day is like for a florist. I spoke with John, who has been working in the industry for over 20 years. He explained that unlike Valentine’s Day, most people walk in to get flowers for mom, instead of having them delivered. This means that he isn’t too busy early in the week, but expects a lot of business on Friday and Saturday. In addition, most flower-buyers like a variety of flowers in their bouquets for mom, sort of a “garden look”, says John.

Southport Blooms had the prettiest arrangements and so many gorgeous flowers to choose from. If you’re still looking for a shop to pick up some blue hyacinths, sunflowers or pink carnations, or you want the Southport Blooms team to put something together for you, be sure to stop by!

Southport Blooms-

3717 N. Southport Ave.

Chicago, IL 60613

(773) 472.2280


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