Lovely Lilac.


clockwise from top left: zara skirt, zara top, madewell skirt, topshop shirtdress, anthropologie watch, topshop heels, anthropologie bag and shorts, asos tshirt, zara dress

Lilac is an aesthetically pleasing color to me. And a wonderful scent as well. Its very soothing. Which is why I can’t wait to wear lilac in any and all capacities this summer. Hopefully we will get 3 days of continuous sunshine this summer and I can wear my new favorite color against my newly tanned skin! A girl can dream, right?

You can treat lilac almost like a neutral, pairing it with other colors like navy, peach (my favorite combo) or even other shades of purple. For a more classic look though, try wearing it with denim (love it), grey or white. Lilac is great as an accent too- try a belt, watch, backpack or a pair of lilac shoes for a feminine pop of color –have fun with it! Its subtle enough that you can be playful and mix and match.

I’ve gathered up a few lilac pieces I love and hopefully you can find some too. Happy shopping!


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