Coffee Junkie.


As a staple of my newly re-vamped blog, I want to feature a new restaurant every month. Going out to eat is a favorite (albeit kind of expensive) hobby of mine, and why not be able to share this love with y’all? As I was thinking of what restaurant I would feature, I also (upon some serious inner self-relection) realized that I love coffee just as much as I love food. Going to different coffee shops is as much a hobby of mine as trying a restaurant I’ve never been to. So I thought, why not feature different coffee shops as well as restaurants, around the city? How do we feel about that? I feel great. Probably because I’m all hopped up on caffeine at this point.

Another important factor in my citywide restaurant trials is that the places I go to are local, independent businesses. Though I am aware that shopping and eating local can be more expensive, I really try to do it when I can. It makes me feel better. Like I am contributing to this city that I love so much and helping boost the economy here.

photo 1

So today, I’m going to feature Bittersweet Pastry shop in Lakeview. This is a go-to spot for me whenever I’m writing and want to treat myself. The coffee is strong, but not too strong and as an amateur croissant connoisseur, let me tell you, the croissants are OUT OF THIS FREAKING WORLD.

photo 5

Just flaky enough, but not so much that you have a whole other croissant in your lap after you’re done eating. I usually go for the chocolate croissant, which is not super sweet. I wish they had fruit-filled croissants, but I cant seem to find those outside of Italy sadly. At Bittersweet, they play airy jazz music and the sunlight filters in from the many windows. The only downsides? No wi-fi and they aren’t open on Mondays. This is a place to go and converse with a friend or two, or write draft versions of your blog post on Word, which is what I did this afternoon.

photo 3

Bittersweet Pastry Shop

1114 West Belmont

Chicago, IL 60657


Bon Appétit!



7 thoughts on “Coffee Junkie.

  1. We got our wedding cake at Bittersweet – the cake tasting was one of my most favorite wedding planning memories and the finished product was gorgeous and delicious!

  2. Bittersweet has thee best carrot cake! Sometimes they sample it on the weekends…Deli and I would run across the street for a sweet treat all the time.

  3. Bittersweet sounds like a place I’d like to visit! Yum! With the huge selection I don’t know how you can choose just one!?

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