Sun’s out, guns out.

hair flip

Alright ladies and gentlereaders…here it is. My first personal style post!

It was a gorgeous day in Chicago yesterday (let’s keep it up Mother Nature) and I spent a lot of time outside enjoying the sun and saw a movie later on. Everyone go see Chef! I helped with the costumes and its a super cute movie anyway. If you love food, go see it. I swear you won’t be disappointed.

It was pretty hot and muggy outside and didn’t want to have to fuss to much with my outfit, so I kept it simple. I love to mix prints, and keeping the prints in the same color family helps, in this case orange stripes and a (mostly) orange belt. Here are some photos, I hope they inspire some warm weather attire for you!

close up accessories close up face feet jacketOutfit details!:

Tank- Green Envelope. Similar here

Bomber- Asos

Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Belt- Vintage, Guatemala Rainbow (I got mine from the Palm Springs Flea Market. These belts are hand made by artisans in Guatemala!)

Jeans- Gap 

Sandals- Urban Outfitters

Purse- Marc by Marc Jacobs

Bracelets- Brandy Melville, not sure where that wooden one is from I’ve had it since like 8th grade and the wire bracelet was handmade by my good friend and fabulous designer Elisa Baran (check out her line, 16Chapel)

Rosegold rings- Set of 3 available on Shop Eli and Leah

And a very special thank you to my friend Katie, expert photographer, for her skillz.



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