Blogger Spotlight: Erin Bassett of Color Me Styled

photo courtesy of Erin Bassett

photo courtesy of Erin Bassett

As a monthly feature on JLa-Di-Da, I want to spotlight bloggers that I find inspiring. For this first edition, I asked Erin Bassett, of Color Me Styled and The Daily E and co-founder of the Windy City Blogger Collective, about what she’s looking forward to most this summer, what she wears on a Chicago summer day and what she enjoys most about blogging.

What is the name of your blog? Describe it!
Color Me Styled is a lifestyle blog to Inspire to Make Everyday. When I sit down to produce a post, I first think of how this will inspire my reader to make the most of the day ahead of them. I personally am happiest when I am making something; a DIY project, a meal or putting together a great outfit. I want to inspire my readers to create in anyway they can!
What would your perfect weekend include?
Sunshine and a breeze! Bonus points for croissants and coffees at an open air cafe, active time like walking or biking or hiking and craft beers with friends!
What are you most excited for this summer?
It might be a little dorky but on July 10 I am debuting a new look for Color Me Styled and have a lot of new content planned! And, after the winter we’ve had I’m just thrilled to be able to open up my patio doors and have fresh air in the house!
What are you summer style staples?
I dress for comfort so in the summer I’m in flowy cotton or light silks whenever possible. I wear skirts and shorts and tshirts most often!
Any fun trips planned?
This summer we have a few weddings, one in upstate NY and one in western Michigan. This fall we are planning a trip to Europe!! I’ll be blogging all about it!
Your go-to summer spot?
For a nice dinner the patio at Piccolo Sogno cannot be beat. It is an Italian oasis!! We also love to spend time up near Diversey harbor. It is fun to go and hit golf balls at the driving range and then watch the lake from green space. Oh, and it is just a really really nice bonus that my brother- and sister-in-law have a boat there too!
Favorite thing about blogging?
Being in a position to inspire my readers! I love hearing that they’ll try something new based on a post I’ve put together.
Favorite warm weather treat?
Ice Cream from Cone in the West Loop!
You can read more about Erin’s favorite things and what she does to inspire her readers on her site. Happy reading!

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