Summer To-Do List.


By some weird time-space vortex, it is apparently the end of May and in honor of the start to summer, I want to share a list of things that I want to accomplish this summer. These by no means are deep, spiritual, “life” things that I want to accomplish. They’re just fun activities (mostly outdoor) that are uniquely Chicago. Because, if you haven’t guessed it by now, I really, really love this city and I want to explore it further and delve deeper into what is has to offer.

So, to further perpetuate my love affair with Chicago, here is my list of summer to-dos!

1. Visit the Randolph Street Market. Already checked this one off the list last weekend! Managed to score a great pair of 50s sunglasses and a gorgeous beaded top from the 60s. Both of these will be showing up in a style post in the future! 🙂

2. Check out the Vivian Maier exhibit at the Harold Washington Library. I first saw her work at the Chicago History Museum when it was being uncovered. She has a really interesting story and her photos are captivating. She was a nanny for families on the North Shore during the 50s and 60s. Her photos have a very quiet feeling about them and she had the ability to capture people and things in a very organic way. The exhibit ends September 28th.


image via


image via

3. Attend Music Mondays.

4. Enjoy the fare at the following restaurants (note: most of these are rooftops/patios): Girl and the Goat, Nellcote, Plymouth, J. Parker, Au Cheval, Chilam Balam.

5. Fix up my back porch so I can sit out there and read. Read: Buy a lot of succulents.

6. Make a dent in my “classic movies I’ve randomly never seen” list, which includes: Casablanca, The Graduate, Cool Hand Luke, Roman Holiday and Rear Window. I’m also open to suggestions.


7. Visit the Kane County Flea Market. My parents live minutes from there and I haven’t been since middle school.

8. Bet on some horsies at the Arlington Race Track. My bets will solely be placed on how clever the horse’s name is.

9. Force my friends to play hooky and have a Ferris Bueller-style day off.

10. Explore Chicago’s neighborhoods that I haven’t spent much time in (Andersonville, Logan Square, West Loop, Pilsen).


image via


image via


image via

11. Attend a concert in Millenium Park.

12. Have a picnic literally anywhere.

13. See a movie in the park in Grant Park.

14. See a show at the Theater on the Lake.

15. Visit the Prairie Avenue District on the South Side- I recently heard about this historic neighborhood from a friend and being the history junkie that I am, I’ve been chomping at the bit to check it out.

US 7.11.2010

So excited to try and get these checked off my to do list before the winter weather starts to creep in. Time to get going! Fill me in on any fun things you’re doing this summer!


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