Adventures in Flea Market(ing).


This past Sunday, my mom and I went to the Kane County Flea Market. For the low, low price of $5, you can gain entry into one of the greatest people watching spectaculars of our time. Also there’s a lot of fun junk, ahem, flea market goodies to peruse.

There is a very interesting mix of people at any given flea market, but at the KC Flea in particular, there are all kinds of walks of life, including but not limited to: Dog the Bounty Hunter look-a-like guy complete with gray handlebar mustache and flowing white hair; shirtless, camo-shorts wearing, farmer’s tanned, tatted up guy; H2T Army regalia/camouflage outfit lady and many more.

I don’t describe these people in such a way to make fun of them, they can look and dress whatever way they want. I just find it fun to observe and compare to flea market crowds (or any crowd for that matter) in different areas of the country where I’ve lived. Its a very interesting sociological study. For example, the crowd at the Rosebowl Flea Market in Pasadena, CA, let’s say, has a MUCH different aesthetic (i.e. sun hat, maxi-dress wearing girls looking to DIY a pair of vintage Levi cutoffs). What I find interesting, though, is that no matter where you are, people’s junk is the same. Flea Markets are flea markets, and I like that. Its unifying in some odd way. No matter if you’re shopping for a $2 bag of buttons in Los Angeles, CA or Saint Charles, IL, you can expect the same thing.

If you have a Sunday to spare, I highly recommend heading out to the suburbs to check out the Kane County Flea Market. The next show will be July 6th and 7th, where the Flea Market will be celebrating its 46th year!

From the random to the nostalgic, here are some photos I took during my visit:


corn flakes






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