Happy Thursday!


image via thrillist

Hey team-

Found a few things on the inter webs today and wanted to share. Let me know what you think!

1. Movies in the Park– Thrillist put together a list of all the parks in the city showing movies for free at any given time. How cool is that? Per my previous Summer To Do List post, I want to watch movie for free.99 outdoors in this great city. This list has all showings in one place. Thank you to my friend Alex for sending this my way! 🙂

image via honestlywtf

image via honestlywtf

2. One of my favorite blogs to read is HonestlyWTF. It is a constant stream of inspiring, educational photos and articles that, I think, can appeal to everyone. There are posts on fashion, art, travel, cooking, you name it! Today, there is a feature on a photography collection shot by Koto Bolofo featuring the makings of Margaret Howell shoes from start to finish. Everything is shot in black and white, giving the photos a very industrial feel. I like the idea of showing the labor and passion that goes into making something as sturdy and dependable as a shoe.

That’s all I’ve got for today! Everyone have a great weekend. I know I’m looking forward to mine 🙂


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