I Scream, You Scream…

IcecreamWell guys, the weather has been borderline decent for a little while now. Dare I say its summer yet? No, I can’t commit to that yet. Either way, last night was a gorgeous evening in this great city and I celebrated. With ice cream.

A few friends and I went to Bobtail Ice Cream Company in Lakeview for delicious homemade treats! I love going to this place –it feels very nostalgic and small town. The menu board is handwritten and vintage neon signs advertise hot coffee and ice cream cakes. Plus, there are plenty of benches and picnic tables to enjoy the weather and thousands of dogs walking by at any given moment. Last night, we saw a dog wearing shoes. Sandals to be specific. They were pink.

3 Ice creamWe each ordered a scoop of ice cream (I got the “Daley Addiction –everything has a very clever name) and enjoyed every minute of it!

Bobtail is celebrating its 10th year in the Lakeview location, stop by and try one of their weekly anniversary specials. Happy summer!






Bobtail Ice Cream Company

2951 N. Broadway

Chicago, IL 60657


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