Blogger Spotlight: Nadine of Blog- The New Black


image via blogthenewblack

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Nadine of Blog- The New Black, through a mutual friend. She is a lifestyle blogger currently residing in Cleveland, OH. Her blog is super fun and well curated, with a little bit of everything –fashion, art, food, all with a witty twist. Read on to hear about her summer plans, favorite warm weather treat and the formula for the perfect weekend. When you’re done, be sure to stop by Blog- The New Black  and take a look into Nadine’s stylish life in Cleveland.

1. What is the name of your blog and please describe?
Blog – The New Black is a lifestyle blog with a fashion focus. I started it to chronicle my life in my early twenties and share experiences while traveling. Over it’s 5 year lifespan it’s changed and morphed with the way my life has changed and morphed. Now it’s much more fashion/beauty focused since it’s what I’m most interested in lately.

2. What would your perfect weekend include?
The perfect weekend is all about balance. I want to have an amazing happy hour or dinner to unwind from the work week, for starters. Finding time for fitness and my dogs is also key. I love to run, hike or take them down to the beach. If i’m riding solo, I’ll try and hit up a yoga or spin class. I like to make sure I have my social weekends that all revolve around the perfect party outfit, but I also love to stay home in sweats, eating Thai and binging on Netflix. So, again – it’s all about the balance.

3. What are you most excited for this summer?
I’m a true sun worshiper – so Summer is my ultimate season. The weather and long days make me feel adventurous to try new things and really make the most out of our (small) but beautiful season.

4. What are you summer style staples?
I’m sure I’ll catch a ton of flack for this – but what would summer be within a bangin’ crop top!? They’re so cool and effortless. Any fun prints or bright colors are also a must.

5. Any fun trips planned?
I’m fortunate to have a lot on the docket this summer – I’ve just finished up spending some time in Orlando, Chicago and Houston. Soon I’ll be celebrating a bachelorette party in Memphis and will hopefully have an NYC visit. I’ll also be back in Chicago for Riot Fest 🙂

6. Your go-to summer spot?
My two go-to’s are both outside spots — either an amazing patio or the beach! Both can handle any type of day you’re looking to have.

7. Favorite thing about blogging?
My favorite thing about blogging, easy. It’s connecting with other amazing women and connecting with my readers. I’m such a social person and blogging is just another way for me to expand my circle of friends.

8. Favorite warm weather treat?
This has got to be ice cream. My boyfriend just picked up a box of those classic ice cream sandwiches…. it takes everything in me not to eat the whole box in one sitting. When it’s cold, I could care less about ice cream but when it’s scorching hot – nothing else hits the spot!

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image via blogthenewblack


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