Restaurant Spotlight: Cho Sun Ok

restaurant front

One of my favorite hobbies is to try new restaurants, in neighborhoods that I’ve never been to. Last week, my friends and I tried a new place in North Center called Cho Sun Ok. It was one of those really legit places where its definitely owned by a family who are also the servers and aren’t very nice.

Its Korean BBQ and BYOB, need I say more? We ate our weight in Bipbimbap and drank beer. A tip though: get there early, they don’t take reservations and there is usually a line. We got there around 6:15 on a Wednesday and snagged the last table before it filled up! It was so delightful and I will definitely go back –you should go to. Let’s go together. Also, they give you Doublemint at the end.

close up sign

soup and beer





Cho Sun Ok Restaurant

4200 N Lincoln Ave

Chicago, IL 60618

p. (773) 549- 5555



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