The Purge!


Last week I traveled over to my friend Andrea’s house for an evening of judging her clothing and giving her advice on what she should and shouldn’t keep in her closet.

To kick off the evening, she cooked a fabulous dinner served in equally fabulous dish ware and I proceeded to gorge myself. It was just lovely!

lower table



We log rolled over to Andrea’s closet and began the purge, dividing the questionable items into a “heck no” pile and a “try on” pile. She was able to argue her case for things in these piles, if she really wanted to keep them. Andrea also wanted to change around her personal style and focus more on polished pieces that accentuated her assets and gave her a more professional look, as she recently got promoted.

Throughout the whole clean out, we kept a few questions in mind. If you’re thinking of doing a serious clean out of your closet, be sure to keep the following things in mind:

1. Does this fit my personal style or what I would like my personal style to be?

2. Would I rather keep this item or would I rather have the space in my closet for something new?

3. Is it super worn down, pilly or ripped?

4. Have you worn it in the past year? If not, you probably won’t ever…




molly- the casual observer

molly- the casual observer





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