Stumped!: a not-so-basic holiday gift guide


Its that time of year, when gift guides upon gift guides pile up in your inbox and in the December issues of magazines. Though I am providing you with yet another gift guide, I would like to think this one is a little different. I wanted to tackle gifts for people that were a little harder to figure out, instead of your typical “For Her” or “For Him” guide.

In this guide, you’ll only see gifts under $50. Because although I would love to spend all my hard-earned cash on others, mamma’s gotta pay the bills –and I bet you do too.

Behold! Your “I’m stumped” Holiday Gift Guide!

For your boss

I find it a little tough to shop for bosses, you want to get something thoughtful, yet practical, that also shows that you know how to buy a great gift. Because, let’s face it. You want to show off to your boss a little bit (hello, promotion!) Here are some things you can buy for your boss, whether that be a boss man or a boss lady!


1. pewter cocktail shaker | 2. leather coasters | 3. iPhone speaker dock


1. coaster set | 2. 2015 wall calendar | 3. candle set 

For your friend with a kid

This one is coming from experience a little bit. I have a few friends with kids, and though I have the overwhelming urge to just buy baby clothes, I think mom deserves a little pampering this Christmas.

the mom1. wool gloves | 2. prettyquick gift card | 3. cashmere socks 

A note on PrettyQuick: it’s a new salon-finding service that curates salons, spas, etc. with the best ratings in your city. It takes the guess work out of finding the best place to get your nails did!

For your kid’s teacher

Not that this is necessarily a difficult person to shop for, but I’m sure teachers are gifted the same things over and over again, so why not try something different? Also, that cocoa set is called “Ugly Sweater Party” –each little box has an ugly sweater on it. Adorable!

your kids' teacher1. gourmet hot cocoa | 2. teacher “tackle box” | 3. toms for target knit throw

For your work secret santa

What universally-appealing gift should you get? Focus on things that are useful and be sure to keep age in mind too! The skin care set even has shave gel in it! Perfect for anyone!

work secret santa

1. stackable mugs | 2. skin care set | 3. faribault for target wool pouch 

For Dad

Getting a gift for my dad always takes me the longest. He’s a pretty basic, no-frills guy. Plus he’s a grown-ass man that can buy anything he wants. So, what to get? I thought of some things that he may already have, but maybe are a bit more elevated –things he wouldn’t normally buy for himself.


1. monogrammed toiletry case | 2. grill cleaning tool | 3. harris tweed wallet 

Let me know what you think, and if any of these might work for you! Happy Holiday everyone!


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