Exciting things are happening!

Hi everyone!

its been a pretty exciting couple of months over here, which is why I’ve been the worst person ever at posting. I’m launching my own business, J Laudadio PR, which I’m super jazzed about. Be sure to like my Facebook page if you haven’t already!

At this point, J Laudadio PR focuses on closet overhauls and wardrobe consulting. So, if your closet is currently bursting at the seams, or you are tired of looking at the same old things in your closet (or both), then I’m your girl! There is a list of services in the About Me page on JLa-Di-Da. Shoot me an email if you want to chat about it (Jladidablog@gmail.com) –I’m all ears!

Other than that, I just got back from Miami which was super fun. Went to an Alligator Farm, a Cubs/Marlins game (they won, go Cubs!) and hung out at the beach –it was definitely a really relaxing trip, besides coming face to face with a HUGE boa constrictor. Don’t worry, I channeled my inner Britney Spears circa the 2001 VMAs: britney-spears-600